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We always use 100% Virgin Oil in all our products


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The factory is where we work hard to reach the best results

LUK INTERNATIONAL AUTO SPARE PARTS TRADING was created in 2014 to secure U.A.E in manufacturing by connecting people, ideas, and technology. Manufacturing U.A.E institutes convene business competitors, academic institutions, and other stakeholders.

Create new products, reduce cost and risk, and enable the manufacturing. Innovations enabled by the LUK institutes results in products that assist workers, make Cars safer, consume less energy.

About Us

Our people are our biggest asset but the only way to unlock their potential is to invest in the right business systems that encourage innovation.
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mission & vision

With more than 8 years of experience, we share clients and customers their opinions to improve the quality of our oils. Over the years, our company has built a public relations base with major manufacturers in this field and we always adhere to quality standards.

Creative Ideas

Our workers and those responsible for the work have new ideas to keep the quality of our products always for the better

Safety First

Because we always protect our workers, they should wear safety equipment, because their safety is our top priority

24/7 support

We are always near you and support you around the clock, just contact us and we will be by your side

Honorary Award

Because our products are distinctive and with the testimony of consumers, we have received many awards

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Our Mission

As a supplier of complex oil structures, we can procure, manufacture and assemble customized solutions. Customers contact us because they know we can handle the machine. Assembly of components and solutions for driving.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred supplier for our customers and, by being the preferred supplier, to improve their competitive strength. We strive to become and remain the supplier of choice for all of our customers, because that’s how we can define it.


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Our Products

very high performance synthetic based oil, for all petrol & diesel engines (turbo charged and multivalve) Made from 100% virgin base oil

Petrol Engine Oil

This high-quality, high-performance, proprietary synthetic engine oil for petrol engine.

Diesel Engine Oil

Boost your engine's performance and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Gear Oil

High Performance Gear Oil is an extreme pressure & helps your transmission run smoothly.

Hydraulic Oil

The Hydraulic oil range is based upon mineral oils enhanced with a stabilized.

Transmission Fluid​

ATF Reduces internal friction and heat build-up for increased shift quality and longer life.

Brake Fluid

High performance Super DOT 4 brake fluid, the best quality of the brake fluid.


High performance grease is a universally usable high temperature grease.


Liquid coolant circulates through the engine of the car, the radiator is used to cool it.


Our Goals

We are focused on Manufacturing Perfect products .


We’ve structured our workflow processes were from the funny the century rather, initial all the made, have spare to negatives.

Mechanical Works

Mechanical technology is the core of industrializationprovides the best solution for any kind.

Petroleum Refinery

We always use 100% Virgin Oil in all our products

Industry Construction

The factory is where we work hard to reach the best results